Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Thank you God...He is the only one who could have intervened.  Today was finally peaceful.  Not like weird peaceful, like not my kid.  But normal.  No over the top tantrums.  I don't know what to attribute it to.  There are so many factors that could be it:  hasn't had singulair in a few days, no school in a week, sticker chart, I really tried to be more calm with him, God.  I don't know but I will take it:)  I just hope that is lasts longer than a day.
We had a good day besides the tantrums.  We went and fed the rabbit at school.  Then we came home and made lunch and played.  Took a late nap.  Made dinner.  Then played in the ocean table outside for a while before he took a bath.  Didn't end as well because Aaron started puking.  Hope we all don't get it!
Here's to a great week!!!!!!