Friday, May 29, 2015

Summer Reading

I am beginning to let go of the horrors of the last few weeks and think about summer. I picked up 2 books for me today: Pegasus by Danielle Steelle and Mary Kay Andrew's Fixer Upper.  Luke and I are definitely "doing" school this summer and continuing it ALL next year.  I will NEVER trust his education to anyone else again. We started off good this year, but then I got too comfortable.  

Summer here we comeπŸš£πŸš‚✈️⚓️πŸš€πŸš²

Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Wow I wasn't wrong

Emotionally immature, rude, and boy doesn't give a crap about my kid....
Hangs up on me during a phone call, my kid says she hates him, and he hates school...meanwhile in other classes in other schools real behavior problems are throwing desks and cussing out their teachers.  Oh wait, that's happened to me. Join the real world princess kids aren't perfect. They are human.

Sunday, May 3, 2015

24 school days

thats how many days of school we have until summer.  A lot of stuff to wrap up between now and then.  I totally can't believe luke is 6 and Aaron is 41.  It has been a good weekend lots of sleep, rest and fun so far.  We needed that.  Luke goes on his last kindergarten field trip Friday to diamond D.  I hope he has fun.  School hasn't been too great lately.  Not great when your kid says he thinks his teacher thinks he is stupid:( I tried but I guess I was wrong in choosing Her.